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MICROSCOPE - beginners - including *FREE microscope course

MICROSCOPE - beginners - including *FREE microscope course

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For the ambitious pond owner, we offer this high-quality entry-level model including *FREE microscopy course.
The binocular MicroBlue microscope impresses with its high quality and stands out with its modern and stylish design.

Every Koi owner should be able to identify the most important parasites by taking skin and gill swabs from their Koi.
In order to be able to identify parasites, you need a suitable microscope.
With this professional model including *FREE microscopy course, you can identify almost all of the important parasites in koi.

The following quality features characterize this entry-level model

  • The 360° rotating binocular tube is equipped with a pair of WF 10 x 18 eyepieces.
  • The rotating object turret is equipped with 4 lenses. 4 lenses (40x, 100x, 200x, 400x), mechanical stage/object stage.
  • The specimen is focused using the coaxial coarse and fine adjustment. The coaxial coarse and fine adjustment knobs for height adjustment of the stage are mounted on an axis.
  • An Abbe condenser NA 1.25 is mounted under the table.
  • The MicroBlue is equipped with adjustable LED lighting of 1 watt. The integrated rechargeable AA batteries last for 60 hours of continuous operation. Battery operation is possible, you can easily take the microscope to the pond and get started, you don't need a power connection.



    *The free microscopy course includes both a theoretical and a practical part.
    Course content: Basics on handling koi + sedation of koi + skin and gill swabs on koi + evaluation of the swabs under the microscope + determination of the most important parasites, etc
    Basically, the free microscopy course takes place in our sales facility after a mutual appointment and lasts approx. 3 to 4 hours.
    If the travel costs are covered or as part of a personal koi delivery, this free microscopy course can also be held directly at your pond
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