No matter whether you just have an algae problem, want to determine your water parameters, your koi have injured themselves, or are behaving abnormally.

We at JAPAN KOI SIESS are your right contact!
Talk to us! We would be happy to try to help you and your koi.

What do we offer?

Skin and gill swabs of your koi with microscopic evaluation, wound treatments, regular spring and autumn checks, treatment for parasitic problems, provision of treatment after diagnosis, etc

We offer this and much more during on-site visits.
Simply contact us and we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer!

How high are the costs?

The costs always depend on the effort and the distance to you. Whenever possible, we try to combine planned site visits with visits to other customers, so that the travel costs for each customer are reduced. You may also know other people in your area who have also fallen into the koi hobby. That would also be a way to reduce costs.

Incidentally, Japan Koi Siess customers receive discounts on these services depending on their annual sales.

Finally, it should be mentioned that when it comes to the health of koi and all other animals, costs should never be the main focus. Anyone who decides to have an animal must also take responsibility for it and do everything they can to ensure that the animal is well!

What don't we do?

Very often we are contacted by koi owners who simply ask us for some kind of treatment that is supposed to help with everything and a lot. WE DO NOT DO THAT! We will NOT provide treatment without a precise diagnosis from at least a competent person! By the way, there is no cure that works against everything, even if they are advertised and offered in some places. In such a case, even more damage can often be done! We also do not provide remote diagnoses. In most cases, remote diagnoses would be dubious. We do not do that!

Please note that swab tests on your koi, water analyzes and the like are only carried out at your location without exception. For hygienic reasons and to protect our sales koi, we do NOT carry out water analyses, swabs or other services in our sales facility that could lead to the transmission of diseases! We ask for your understanding.
All of our equipment is of course thoroughly disinfected before and after each use! The respective customer must provide landing nets, tubs and a transfer hose. These are things that every koi owner should have. If you do not have such basic equipment, you are welcome to purchase it from us.

For further information, offers or questions, please contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email.