We are constantly asked the questions about which pond filter is the best, which filter technology delivers the best result in terms of water clarity and which filter we recommend.

First of all, the “ultimate” pond filter, the “non plus ultra” of filter technology, does not exist for “the pond”.

Basically, there are some good pond filters and filter technologies on the market, but there is no “one filter” that is suitable for every pond. Unfortunately, dealers, manufacturers and, above all, so-called "internet specialists" also advertise and sell a lot of pond filters!, which doesn't even begin to deserve the name pond filter, let alone deliver a satisfactory result.

It's not for nothing that the saying goes around: "If you want a good pond, you have to rebuild it at least three times." This statement is absolute nonsense! If you plan well and have the right partner(s) to implement it, you will only build a “functioning pond” once in your life. If you plan well and have the right partner(s) to implement it, you will be happy and satisfied with your first pond.

Every pond is different! Every pond owner has different requirements and ideas! Local conditions also play an important role in the final decision-making process.

A pond is not a hole with a piece of foil! A pond must always be seen as a whole system consisting of many components. If not all components fit together perfectly and/or if not all components are of high quality, the system will collapse sooner or later.

We at Teichbau Siess are happy to compare a pond with a gearbox. A transmission is individually planned and built for its intended purpose and basically consists of many gears. If the gears are of poor quality, the gearbox will at best make loud noises, but in the worst case this can lead to total failure. If incorrect gears are installed in a transmission, the transmission will not work.

It's exactly the same with a pond, which is why the pond filter and pond technology must always be individually tailored to each pond and its owner

Whether a pond works in the long term and whether a pond makes its owner happy in the long term depends on many factors (not to say gears). We could write books on this topic!

We at Teichbau Siess have seen many, many, many ponds in the 20 years that we have been dealing with the topic of ponds and pond construction. We have seen many ponds where everything was done right during construction and the owners are happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, we have also seen many more ponds that do not work, whose owners are not happy and satisfied and whose owners have usually "burnt" a lot of money completely unnecessarily.

We at Teichbau Siess have around 20 years of know-how when it comes to ponds and pond construction. We at Teichbau Siess can boast numerous satisfied customers. Our customers appreciate our specialist knowledge, the quality of our work, keeping promises, our adherence to deadlines, all of this and much more.

If you are planning to build a pond or want to convert an existing pond, please contact us at any time. We would be happy to make you an offer. We would be happy to support you on the way to your dream pond that will “function” in the long term and be executed correctly.

Regardless of whether it is a swimming pond, a koi pond or a simple garden pond, we at Teichbau Siess would be happy to be your first point of contact.