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Important preliminary information on the subject of pond filters and pond technology:

We do not offer direct sales of pond filters in our online shop. The main reason for this is that, in our opinion, pond filters are not products for quick online purchases! The topic of pond filters and pond technology is very complex, depends on many different factors, and requires extensive advice and good planning! If you are also planning a pond, or want to renew or convert your existing pond and/or your existing filter technology, then just talk to us. We would be happy to advise you too!


What began in 2005 at GENESIS with the invention of the patent-protected EVO3 paper filter has developed over time into one of the leading providers of various pond filters. GENESIS offers paper filters, fleece filters, brush filters, and since 2021 also drum filters and endless belt filters.

GENESIS also offers all the other components necessary for a complete pond system of the highest quality.

BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE - SIMPLY BRILLIANT - The revolution among filter systems!
The pond filter separates chaff and wheat or dirt and water. This is where it is decided how clear and healthy the pond water is. Filters from GENESIS ensure clear water in the pond or koi pond. GENESIS offers a large selection of technical pond filters such as fleece filters, brush filters, drum filters and endless belt filters. Filter technology at its best for koi and ponds. GENESIS pond filters can be used as pumped filters or as gravity pond filters.

Clean water is the basic requirement for a healthy fish population. The GENESIS filter system is the easiest way to achieve an optimal pond balance between fish and biology. By immediately, permanently separating all solid particles (such as feces, algae, leftover food, leaves, in short, all suspended matter) in the water, an ideal basis for the biostage of the Genesis filter system is achieved. Since only particle-free water can penetrate into this biostage, the performance is enormous.

The water treatment of koi and garden ponds involves several components: mechanical, biological and chemical-physical filtration. Mechanical filtration removes solids such as dirt particles, fish droppings, plant residues, etc. Biological filtering breaks down invisible but fish-toxic nitrogen compounds dissolved in the water, such as ammonium and nitrite. In the chemical-physical filter stage, the water is irradiated with UVC light, for example. UVC units prevent the otherwise very disturbing algal blooms and at the same time reduce the germ pressure.

We at JAPAN KOI SISS & POND CONSTRUCTION SIESS have been sales partners for GENESIS pond & filter technology since 2018. Many of our customers rely on our GENESIS products.

Regardless of whether it is DIY or carried out by us... If you are also planning a pond, or want to renew or convert your existing pond and/or your existing filter technology, then just talk to us.

Below is a small excerpt from our GENESIS product range....

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