A very popular option for our customers to realize their dream of their own and ultimately "functioning" pond (koi pond or swimming pond) cost-effectively by doing their own work.

We would be happy to support you with your pond, koi pond or swimming pond construction project.

For this purpose, we offer our customers our product “Modular pond construction with your own work”.
In this way, not only can every customer save a lot of money, but it is also guaranteed that the self-built pond will ultimately work in the long term.

We at Teichbau Siess & Japan Koi Siess accompany numerous customers every year with this type of pond construction.

What does “modular pond construction with your own effort” mean:

As the name “modular pond construction with your own effort” suggests, the entire process is divided into individual modules.
Consulting - planning - materials and products - execution - technology - commissioning, etc
We accompany you as our customer step by step, from the beginning to the end of the pond construction.

We only carry out the steps and/or work that you as a customer do not want to do and/or the technical knowledge and/or the required tools are missing. However, if desired, we will of course be happy to take over the complete implementation.


The costs?
We charge a flat rate of € 549.00 in advance for the consultation/planning!
However, this amount will be offset against the purchase of pond construction and/or pond technology products - depending on the purchase value - up to 100%!
An amount of €100.00 will be offset against each €1000.00 purchase value.

In other words, you buy pond construction and/or pond technology products from us for e.g. E.g. €3,000.00, we offset €300.00 from the flat rate and you only pay €2700.00 for the products.
If you end up buying pond construction and/or pond technology products from us for €5,490.00, we will charge you the full flat rate of €549.00. In the end, the entire planning/consultation is FREE for you!

Why do we charge this flat rate for advice/planning?
Unfortunately, in the past it has often been the case that many people have had extensive advice and/or plans drawn up by us.
Of course, all of this work takes a lot of time and therefore sometimes causes us high costs!
In the end, these people bought their products somewhere else, didn't build them at all, or had them built by someone else.
We therefore ask for your understanding that we have to invoice the flat rate or, more correctly, a nominal fee in advance.


For desired work that we carry out for you, we charge a previously agreed hourly rate per hour/man when installing products purchased from us.
When processing products (pond liner, pond technology, etc.) that were not purchased from us, we charge a previously agreed increased hourly rate.

A pre-agreed arrival and departure fee will be charged for work on site.

What does the consulting and/or planning fee of €549.00 include?

For this flat rate, we are available to answer any questions you may have during the planning and construction phase by email, WhatsApp, telephone or even in person.
You can send us pictures, sketches, etc. at any time or bring them in person by appointment.
We will draw our recommendations, improvements, etc. into your sketches/plans/pictures and of course discuss these with you in detail.
We accompany and advise you whenever you have questions.
You will receive explanations and the workflow of all individual steps from us.
Of course you can also contact us - by appointment! - Feel free to visit our sales facility in person at any time.
We are always there for you and your questions, whether late in the evening, on the weekend or on public holidays. In other words, we accompany you on your project from start to completion and beyond.

What we don't do!

We do not accept submission plans for municipalities, offices, etc., or associated official channels!

Theoretically as well as practically, you can build your entire pond yourself with our “MODULAR POND CONSTRUCTION”. This not only saves you a lot of money. In the end, you also have the certainty of having a technically correctly designed pond and technology that will work in the long term and with TEICHBAU SIESS & JAPAN KOI SIESS you will have a contact person available to you at any time, even after construction.

If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal at any time.