True to the motto “First come, first served”, we offer you the opportunity to make a binding reservation for the Koi we offer.
This gives you the opportunity to secure your dream koi at an early stage.

For a binding reservation with a purchase value of €550.00 or more, 50% of the purchase price is due within 7 days.
The remaining amount is due at least 4 weeks before shipping.

For reserved Koi that are picked up personally from our facility, the remaining amount must be paid in cash at the latest upon pickup.

For personal koi that we select for you directly in Japan, the total amount must be paid at least 4 weeks before shipment from Japan.

For a binding reservation up to a purchase value of €549.00, the full amount is due within 7 days due to the high administrative effort involved in partial payments.

Regardless of the purchase value of the koi, we grant a 3% discount to customers who pay the full invoice amount within 7 days of their binding reservation

If you would like special payment conditions for a binding reservation of Koi, such as partial payments, financing, etc., then simply contact us.
We find a solution for (almost) everything!

To make a binding reservation, proceed as follows:

1. Send us an email to info@japan-koi-siess.com with your name, billing and delivery address, and the item number of the koi you want to reserve.
Please also let us know the expected duration of your reservation.

2. We will immediately set your reserved Koi to “RESERVED” in our shop

3. We will promptly send you a reservation confirmation by email with all important data and information.

4. Your reservation becomes binding when you transfer the deposit or invoice amount.

5. The care, feeding and health care of the reserved Koi is of course free of charge.

6. Reservation period up to a maximum of May of the current season.
A longer reservation and/or winter stay with us is only possible after written agreement for a predetermined fee.

7. Of course, your koi(s) will be looked after and cared for in our care at our expense in the best possible way.
Nevertheless, we only cook with water. If, contrary to expectations, the case occurs that the koi or koi we have reserved are damaged, you are of course fully entitled to an appropriate replacement or you will receive a full refund of the payment you have already made within 7 days.

8. The remaining outstanding amount must be paid in cash at the latest when the reserved Koi are picked up.
If the Koi are dispatched by a company approved for the transport of live animals and/or if personal delivery is requested by us, the outstanding remaining payment for reserved Koi must be paid in full , including delivery costs, by bank transfer to the account specified by us, at the latest 4 weeks before delivery .

9. If Koi cancels a binding reservation, any deposit already paid will be forfeited in its entirety!
If Koi that have already been paid in full and have been reserved are canceled, we reserve the right to withhold the 50% deposit normally due

10. We ask you to read our general terms and conditions before reserving Koi to acknowledge and accept.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time via email info@japan-koi-siess.com