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Important preliminary information on the subject of pond filters and pond technology:

We do not offer direct sales of pond filters in our online shop. The main reason for this is that, in our opinion, pond filters are not products for quick online purchases! The topic of pond filters and pond technology is very complex, depends on many different factors, and requires extensive advice and good planning! If you are also planning a pond, or want to renew or convert your existing pond and/or your existing filter technology, then just talk to us. We would be happy to advise you too!

SMARTPOND FILTER - filter technology for aquaculture & ponds

Sophisticated technology - thanks to many years of experience - manufactured in Switzerland!
A development that is impressive – and that ensures a clear view.

Clear, clean water,
At Smartpond®, this is achieved through sophisticated technology based on over 15 years of experience in filter technology. Starting with the first mechanical systems, through the era of fleece filters, to the fully automatic endless belt filters, which are now in their third generation with the PROline series.

A variety of mechanical optimizations, including the PROline control with gentle control, display and additional control via the free Smartpond® app make this endless band filter so unique. This plug & play system with different sizes - for koi ponds all with an integrated biochamber - covers all wishes: from the smallest pond (new especially for swimming ponds!) to an outdoor pond with a flow of up to 200,000 liters per hour. Smartpond® does this effortlessly!
Smartpond® – clear, clean water through innovation.

Advantages of the PROline series from Smartpond® (included as standard):

  • large bio volume included
  • Housing made of high-quality, durable stainless steel
  • Industrially manufactured stainless steel housing!
  • SWISS Made!!!
  • Filter belt FK20 for finer filtering & max FLOW (more water throughput)
  • high throughput with the largest possible filtration area
  • Perfected cleaning with lower water consumption
  • Dirt particles, thread algae, leaves and food pellets are transported away with ease thanks to the optimal belt running properties and its construction and water flow
  • Dirt drain with efficient PRO gutter flushing
  • Stainless steel flushing pump inside (therefore protected from frost and even quieter)
  • 24V protected filter band gear motor
  • Soft start of the belt control
  • Easily removable 2-piece stainless steel lid with handle or
  • Silenzio the PLUS when it comes to soundproof covers (optional)
  • Bracket for submersible UVC
  • simple plug & play installation
  • Connection option: as a pumped or gravity system at no extra charge!
  • Guarantee of spare parts supply for over 13 years
  • Dimensionally stable for over 12 years thanks to industry precision technology
  • Inlet connection firmly welded to the housing. No leaking or breaking possible
  • Additional inputs/outputs can be individually adjusted (DN110-DN250) making them flexible for your pond
  • only 12cm above pond level with gravity mounting!
  • Easy accessibility without effort: filter belt, UVC unit, dirt channel, high-pressure nozzles, pressure pump, bio-unit, motor, internal pond pump...
  • fully automatic self-cleaning filter system including BIO stage, control and pressure pump
  • Parameters such as flushing time, belt motor start-up delay, etc. are infinitely adjustable
  • Water pressure sensors (measurement accurate to the millimeter)
  • Overflow/dry running protection
  • PROline control with display and a variety of new options
  • Control with integrated WLAN connection
  • free Smartpond® app
  • The Smartpond® app gives you global access and control over the filter system
  • Online monitoring
  • simple plug & play installation
  • over 12 years of experience ONLY in endless filter belt construction
  • Welding of molded parts with ultrasound testing
  • Industrial dip pickling to protect against corrosion
  • Band adjustment as a unique selling point

We at JAPAN KOI SIESS & TEICHBAU SIESS are SMARTPOND ® SUPPORT POINT DEALERS and would be happy to be your first point of contact!

Regardless of whether it is DIY or carried out by us... If you are planning a pond, or want to renew or convert your existing pond and/or your existing filter technology, then just talk to us.

Here you can download our current Smartpond product catalog with all detailed product information free of charge as a PDF:


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