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Japan Koi Siess

Japan Koi Siess Follower T-Shirt

Japan Koi Siess Follower T-Shirt

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We wouldn't be us if we didn't always come up with new ideas!
We at Japan Koi Siess don't go with the flow! We at Japan Koi Siess are breaking new ground.
And you can benefit from it!

For example with ours

Others offer advantage cards, membership cards, bonus cards, club cards or whatever.
Apart from the fact that they are usually lying around somewhere or are just making your wallet unnecessarily bulky, in the end you don't get much out of them.

That's why we came up with something new with our JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER T-SHIRTS.

When you buy a follower t-shirt, you not only show that you are a fan of Japan Koi Siess and that you like what we do, you also get a high-quality and stylish t-shirt.
But that's not all...
Since our follower shirts naturally also have a certain advertising factor for us, you as a follower should really benefit from them in the end.

By purchasing a JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER T-SHIRT you automatically receive status
This means you can enjoy selected benefits and special promotions - exclusively for JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER
If you ACTIVELY participate in JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER promotions/advertisements, you will automatically receive the status
This means you can enjoy ALL the benefits and special promotions - exclusively for JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER
The status of ACTIVE JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER is valid for one year from your last activity and is automatically extended for another year with each activity on your part.
Non-active Japan Koi Siess followers can (again) reach the status of ACTIVE JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER at any time through activity.

Below are some examples of benefits and special promotions for ACTIVE JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER:

  • Free product samples*
  • Gifts*
  • Discounts and special promotions only for followers*
  • Reimbursement of entry costs to various Koi fairs and exhibitions if you wear our fan T-shirt at these events**.
  • Advertising media bonus***
  • and many other advantages*....
    We will also continue to expand our offering program for Japan Koi Siess followers in the future.
    Japan Koi Siess followers are constantly informed separately by email about respective offers, promotions, news, etc

  • * Number and frequency subject to availability
    ** We will cover the entry costs for one person per FOLLOWER T-shirt if you send us a current picture where you can be seen in our fan T-shirt at the respective event. By sending such a picture you allow us to publish it for advertising purposes.
    *** Whenever you think that you are promoting Japan Koi Siess by wearing our FOLLOWER T-shirt in public, please inform us with meaningful pictures or other evidence. After an examination, we will decide whether and how we should reward you for it.

    Item description:

  • high quality of the t-shirts
  • Color of the t-shirts black
  • High-quality 2-color print on the front and back
  • Printed on the front JAPAN KOI SIESS
  • Print on the back JAPAN KOI SIESS .COM
  • Men's and women's versions available

    When ordering the JAPAN KOI SIESS FOLLOWER T-SHIRTS, go to the shop here
    Please be sure to select your desired version, whether women's or men's, in the "SELECTION" field below and your desired size in the "SIZE" field.

    Of course, you can also order our follower T-shirts by email
    Please send an email about this
    stating the number of pieces - men's or women's version - size

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