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Japan Koi Siess

FISH TRUCK 8mm mesh size

FISH TRUCK 8mm mesh size

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Almost every pond owner with fish will face the following problem at some point...
The pond fish have bred and countless baby fish are swimming in the pond!
At the beginning you are happy about the offspring of fish, but at some point it becomes too much for everyone.
Now the question arises, how do I get the offspring of fish out of the pond?

The simplest and most effective solution are our fish traps.
No matter whether goldfish, koi, or other pond fish.
You won't be able to catch the offspring in a pond faster and, above all, more gently .

Put some bait in the food bag integrated into the fish trap, place the trap in the pond and secure it somewhere on the bank with the existing fastening line.
Now all you have to do is take the fish trap out of the pond from time to time and remove the fish caught in it from the fish trap.
Then you put the fish trap back in the pond and everything starts again.

In the demo video below we show you how to use the fish trap in a swimming pond

We recommend our fish trap with 8mm mesh size for fish from 7cm to 15cm
Item features:

  • The fish are caught in an absolutely animal-friendly manner
  • Suitable for all types of fish
  • Dimensions: 90 x 30cm
  • Mesh size: 8mm
  • Integrated food bag with zipper for lure food
  • large removal opening with zipper
  • high-quality and quick-drying mesh material
  • with strong and rust-proof stabilizing spring
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