Heavy filter cellar cover automates “opening & closing”

It couldn't be better or cleaner!

You probably also know the problem... Gravity filter systems are usually housed in so-called "filter cellars". That's absolutely fine too. This means that the garden and pond area always appear tidy and all the technology is ultimately stored safely and, above all, frost-proof.

These filter cellars are often built under terraces and/or built in such a way that they can be used as seating and lying areas. In other words, the filter cellar covers must be massive and therefore heavy. This massive and heavy design of a filter cellar cover would basically not be the problem.

The problem is that the filter cellar should be accessible at all times and therefore the filter cellar cover must also be easy to open. It makes no sense if it takes several people to open it each time and/or there is a risk that people could even get injured. Basically, a filter cellar cover is built correctly if it can be opened easily and, above all, safely by the lady of the house. Besides, everyone gets older!

In the short video below we want to show you the automatically opening and closing filter cellar cover from one of our customers.

But it's not just the automation that's absolutely worth seeing! The meticulous order and cleanliness in the filter cellar is also absolutely exemplary!

Big praise to the young family. Thanks to Christina & Rene at this point for the trust they placed in us when building the pond and purchasing koi, as well as for allowing us to create and publish this video.

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