JT Karashigoi, unsexed, 22 - 27cm, microchip, item no. JTTOKA-FM-27

JT Karashigoi, unsexed, 22 - 27cm, microchip, item no. JTTOKA-FM-27

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Makoto has bred a new bloodline!
The result of this breeding is simply sensational!
To put it simply, the growth of these animals is just abnormal!
The Karashigoi from this bloodline are already larger than comparable animals from previous years.

This year we can offer you male and female JT Karashigoi again
And so that you can be sure that you get what you paid for, all animals are chipped.

Karashigoi by KONISHI - Often copied, never equaled
There is only one original!

In this video we show you the development of one of our JT Karashigoi to the SUPER JUMBO KARASHIGOI at one of our customers:
  • Size: approx. 22 - 27cm*
  • Age: Tosai
  • Gender: Unsexed - Male/Female
  • Quality: Tategoi
  • Breeder: KONISHI
  • Special features: All of our Karashigoi Jumbo Tosai are chipped!

    These karashigoi can now be bindingly RESERVED.

    Shipping of the animals will be possible from the end of March 2024.
    If desired, all reserved animals can stay in our facility FREE of charge until the end of May 2024.
    Depending on the weather, we will make an individual video of each animal in February.
    We then make these videos available to all customers with a binding reservation for personal selection.
    So you can then select your favorites yourself and at your leisure.
    The selection is ranked without exception according to the date of receipt of your binding reservation or the date of receipt of payment.
    In other words, whoever reserves first gets to select first!
Even if some people don't want to believe it...
The fact is: like every year, you have to act quickly because, as always, demand will be far greater than supply!

Please note:
Shipping our Karashigoi Jumbo Tosai to Germany and within Austria is of course possible.
If you order 5 pieces or more - even in different sizes and genders - we ship our Karashigoi completely free of charge to Germany and within Austria
*Guaranteed size when delivered from March - experience shows that the animals are already larger than stated at this point.

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